Hurricane Irma

Hey cravers!

I wanted to reach out to you before Hurricane Irma is upon us. We in Abaco are preparing for her arrival, but are praying she stays away.

Please keep the entire Bahamas, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands, and Florida in your prayers.

My brother and sister left last weekend and are safe in Canada. This week you guys were supposed to have a new recipe, but unfortunately I have been crazy busy trying to get prepared.

Next week once I am back online I will have organizing ideas, some pictures of cakes I’ve made in my off time, and some hurricane tips. Please stay tuned for them.

If Hurricane Irma is coming your way; I beg you to be prepared. If you are in an evacuation zone, get out!!!

We have already started to feel wind and are expecting more this afternoon and into the weekend.

Please stay safe!

Love and prayers to you all!

The wind has picked up, and most boats are out of the harbour or in a marina. Please pray for everyone in Irma’s path.

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