How I Finally Became More Organized

Hey there Cravers,

Do you often feel like you’re not organized and have no way of getting organized? I did, and sometimes still do, but here are some tips that have really helped me personally.

When trying to keep myself organized, and I say trying because sometimes it’s so difficult; I have quite a few methods I use for my daily, weekly, and monthly routine.

My Planner
I like my daily planner. I have a May Design planner from Target, and it’s great, but I didn’t utilize the planner to it’s full potential. I like that each day is separate and you can see the week in full, but I would rather a planner that will give me the days by the hours. Which is why I have ordered this Simplified planner by Emily Ley. I’m so excited for 2019 just so I can put my planner to good use!

Alright, now that I shared my new planner with you, let’s get back to business. What should you put in your planner? I didn’t know either until after checking out a few blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest, I feel like I know exactly what to put in my planner to make me a more organized person.


Some on my “To Do” list is actually from Emily Ley’s newsletter. If I don’t get something done this week, I just add it to next week’s list. It’s not really a “to do” list, it’s more of a goal list and it works for me.


Decorated with my Cricut

My Calendar
I have a home based bakery so my fridge calendar works the best for me. I have a U Brands calendar from Target and I love it. I use my planner for events that need to go on my calendar at a later date. I write our weekly menu on my calendar as well as grocery items.


I wouldn’t trade this calendar for anything. I am super happy with it and probably feel like it was one of my best buys in a long time. It has really helped with my organization.

My Inspiration
When searching Pinterest for some planner help, I came across a blog that I really liked. She used her planner to it’s full potential. This Anchored Women post (click here) by Kayse Pratt is about her using her Simplified planner. (Picture below.) That is what I want my planner to look like. After I ordered my planner I didn’t know if I made the right call, but when I saw her daily planner I was head over heels!

I just found out today that Anchored Women has come out with a planner of their own! You definitely have to check it out! I have looked at her videos on the S.O.S (Steadfast Over Scattered) Planner and it makes me want to have two planners! What do I do?! Check out the link above to see her planner.

Even though I’m still working on becoming more organized, these tips have helped so much. I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish this year just by being a tad more organized.

Bring it on 2019!


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