Hey Cravers,

I’m so sorry that it’s been a while since I posted. (Yea, I know, again…) I have had a lot going on. In December, my husband and I found out we are expecting!! (Yay!!!) We are so thrilled awaiting the arrival of our baby…..boy!!! He is my first baby so this whole pregnancy has been new to me.

I was quite sick in the first trimester and have still had rough days here and there throughout the second and now as well into my third trimester. I have to say, aside from the sickness, I have LOVED my pregnancy. All the new feelings of flutters, movements, kicks, hiccups, everything has been amazing and I’m nervous for it to end. I am so excited to meet my sweet, baby boy, but I also feel that I am going to miss all the feelings inside. All that being said, I am very ready to meet him!

In my first trimester, I had to go through something I have never been through before. I lost my sweet dachshund, Lily. It broke my heart into pieces. I know ultimately God has a reason for everything, but man has it been hard. She was my everything, my baby girl, my Lilymanily, and I had to say goodbye. It was so hard and still is. I’m still having trouble looking at pictures and videos of her. I had her for 8 years and unfortunately, cancer took her away from me. Just a month after we returned from our Christmas vacation in Canada we found out she had cancer, and there was nothing we could do. My heart broke. I completely lost it. At the same time, I knew I had to be strong for my baby on the way. The vet, Dr. Bailey, and his assistant, Chamara, were amazing and so supportive knowing what I was going through. I can’t thank them enough for being there for me.

I’m now in my eighth month and I am doing great!! Sleep is the only thing I’m having an issue with, but from what I’ve heard, that’s every pregnancy. I’ve found propping a pillow underneath the belly, when laying on your side, really works! Also, stay active, I haven’t been exercising like I should, but I am still active. I don’t sit all day, I’m constantly up in the kitchen, walking somewhere rather than driving, or swimming (ish haha. A little more relaxing rather than swimming.) I do advise sleeping whenever you can! You need your rest as well. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for resting, seriously, you need it!

That’s the update on my life right now, and my “two cents” (Bahamian saying for advice) on a few pregnancy tips.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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