Lakeside Grill

Last week I went for lunch at Lakeside Grill with my grandparents. We parked in the parking lot of the Living Water Resort and Spa and walked through the hotel. The hotel entrance is so beautiful and relaxing. I hadn’t done any research on the restaurant or the hotel before I went for lunch, but I was very impressed. I saw a few pictures of their spa, and I definitely would love to check that out! Okay, so time to talk restaurant.

It was a beautiful, foggy day in Collingwood. I’m not used to fog living in Abaco, but this was just gorgeous. We walked into Lakeside Grill and the doors to the patio were open over looking the foggy Georgian Bay, again I have to say how stunning it was. We sat close to the patio, but not outside.


DSCN7758 (1)

Absolutely beautiful day.


DSCN7757 (1)

Some of the interior of the restaurant.


Lunch was delicious. I had their Mushroom Flatbread. It’s assorted mushrooms with a truffle bechamel and topped with fontina cheese. It was amazing! I was a little worried after I ordered it because I know that sometimes truffle can be overpowering, but this was excellent. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, the truffle bechamel was great, and topped with fontina cheese just made the flatbread so delicious!

I also had a taste of my grandmother’s soup, which was the Summertime Lentil Soup, and it was very good! They both also enjoyed their meals.

DSCN7762 (1)



I highly recommend Lakeside Grill to anyone living in or visiting Collingwood or the surrounding areas! I can’t wait to go back!!

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