July to October

Hey guys,

I know I have been away for a while. I was building content while awaiting the arrival of my sweet, baby boy. I was excited to share with you recipes and places to eat here in Collingwood. Yes, I said “here”, because I am back in C-wood! Plans changed…


Carter and I the night before Gunner was born

Gunner arrived 6 weeks early! What a surprise! My water broke, and I had to get to the hospital asap. I couldn’t go to Collingwood. (They don’t take you unless you’re 37 weeks, as they don’t have a NICU.) Frank wasn’t here. My mom and dad were in Toronto. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was going according to plan!

I called Frank at 3 am to tell him what happened. At 5 am I had another gush, 5:30 am I was cramping, and 7 am I was on the way to Owen Sound hospital. All I wanted was for Frank to get here and be by my side. I didn’t want him to miss it. Well, he didn’t! He arrived at 7 pm and Gunner was born the next morning! The nurses and doctors at Grey Bruce Health Services are absolutely amazing!! We had such incredible people by our side the entire time, and still continue to stand by us. Thank you GBHS!

He spent 9 days in the NICU but did amazing. Every time the doctors thought he would need something he would prove them wrong. We were very lucky. Gunner means “warrior” and that’s exactly what he is!


Calm before the storm. Taken Saturday before Hurricane Dorian destroyed my home.


Taken around 9 am Sunday before things took a spin for the worse.

Less than two weeks after we left Canada we were hit in Abaco by Hurricane Dorian. My husband, myself, and baby Gunner (6 weeks the day of the storm) had to hide in a closet as our windows in the living room had all busted and our roof was going. By the time the eye came and my dad walked up the hill to get us he said his heart sank when he saw the house. The roof was gone and he had no idea what he would find. Well, he found us. The 3 of us were fine. Shaken, scared, soaked, but we were ok physically. Mentally we are still taking things day by day.



Pictures of the house we lived in.

We evacuated 4 days after the storm. My cousin Cliff, his wife Lily, my mom, dad, Aunt Dar, friends Bobbi and Tim, Sara, and Tara and Jody all, every single one of them, did everything they could to get us out of there! And they succeeded! We spent the night in my grandmother’s house in Russell Island, it gave us peace of mind just being there. As we flew out from Sandy Point to Eleuthera all I could do was cry. I cried because my heart was broken, I was leaving the only home I had ever known and had no clue when I could return. Also because I was so happy to be out, away from a place that has now caused me so much pain, and has scarred me beyond measure.


After the storm.

Carlos, an angel, flew us out again, this time to Florida. I was so happy when we saw Aunt Lily, Bobbi, and Micheal waiting there for us. We spent a week with Uncle Cliff and Aunt Lily before we traveled back to Collingwood to be with my parents and grandparents for a while.

*I just realized that it may be a little confusing. I have two dads. My dad in the Bahamas and my stepdad in Canada. I call them both dad.*

Right now I am regrouping and taking care of the little one. Trying to stay strong and keep it all together. I have my moments. I never thought that I could be scared of wind or lightning, but now, I’m terrified. Frank isn’t with us at the moment, but he is rebuilding our life back home. I am always so proud of how hard he works, but I am even more proud now because he is helping others at home. My man is amazing!

Everyone you come in contact with, from home, has a story. I am deeply sorry for all the lives lost in this terrible storm. You will never be forgotten.

Abaco is so grateful to the few people that stayed to start rebuilding. Those that are there helping others and from the help that we got from outside the Bahamas. All I can say is thank you! I don’t feel like a single thank you is enough, but that’s all I can say for now. Thank you!


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