Happy New Year to everyone!!!

This year I will be bringing to you information from my beautiful island home, Abaco! And more of course.

We still need all the help we can get at home. Please don’t give up on us! Abaconians are resilient and we are not giving up! We love our home and will continue to do everything we can to be back there.

I plan to bring to you all the positive vibes from Abaco. Sharing with you what’s open, where you can get some good food, shine light on who we can help and how, and much more!

Thank you so much for all the support from everyone in the months following Dorian and before. I don’t think I have ever spoken with someone who did not love Abaco after their visit, and that has truly shown. Your love for our island is amazing.

Let’s continue to show the world our love for Abaco and make it a home again for so many!!!

Thank you to all the hard work from every single NGO that has come to help. We need you! Thank you to every single local that has gone back to rebuild, repair, or just to visit. We need you!

I cannot wait to see what the new year brings for Abaco!!! Keep the prayers coming!

Happy 2020 everyone!!!

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