A Few of the Best Items I Bought for my Son

Being a first time mom I wanted to make sure I had everything necessary. There are a few things that I definitely love having in his first 6 months, and I’m going to share them with you.

*These are all of my personal opinions.*
*I am not making any money from any of these links.*

1. A good stroller
I chose this Graco Travel System jogging stroller, and I love it. The car seat clicks right into the stroller making it super easy. The tires are large and for any amount of walking makes it so nice. Yea, it’s a little big, but for the comfort it’s so much easier.

2. Swing
I bought one while we were in Canada that he spent a total of 30 minutes in the whole time we were there. He wasn’t fond of it at all, but when we got to Florida he loved the one I had there. It had music and a mobile. I chose the Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Swing. I would still be using it now, but he’s pretty much outgrown it.

3. Infantino Seat
Walking around Target we stumbled upon this seat. After little debating we bought it. At the time he was 4 months, and our sweet boy felt he was too big to lay down all the time. We tried his bouncer, but he still wanted to be more upright. He was still too little for a high chair so we settled for something smaller, and he loved it. He wanted to sit in it every morning to play, and as he got bigger we started feeding him in it. It definitely became a favorite of his, and ours. We started taking it with us to restaurants, and we all loved that.

4. Diaper Genie
I bought a Diaper Genie before Gunner was born and only had it for 2 weeks when we were home. When hurricane Dorian hit it was destroyed, and regrettably I haven’t bought another one yet. Don’t let someone talk you out of this. This is definitely a must for any family with diapers, trust me! I’ve lived without it so I can tell you this is something you need.

5. Walker
Again with the growing up thing. He wants to grow up too fast and unfortunately I can’t stop him. At 4 months I was running out of options of places for him to be happy while not being in my arms. Because babies have a short attention span I would rotate between his swing and his Infantino chair. Going between the two so much I needed something else, so I got a walker. He loved it. Just being able to zoom him from room to room with me was all the change he needed. This is the walker I chose. Now at 6 months, and can touch the floor, he is learning he can get where he wants to go. Seriously baby boy, stop growing so fast!

6. Jolly Jumper
So thankful we got this. I didn’t pay as much as advertised now, so I’m glad I got a deal. He loved it from the day my husband put it together. I chose the stand alone so I could move it wherever I wanted so I could talk to Gunner while doing other things. He has had super strong legs since he was in my tummy, he kicked A LOT. When he was in the NICU a few of the nurses commented that his legs hadn’t stopped moving since he was born. So when he started jumping while we held him we decided it was time for a Jolly Jumper, and I don’t regret it. He can use it until he starts to walk so it is great to get when you think your baby is ready so he or she can grow with it.

These are definitely my favorite items in his first 6 months. I will keep you updated on the next few months and what become, or stay, my favorite as he grows.

Hope this helps when you’re purchasing for your little one. Remember, every baby and situation is different. You need to do what is best for your baby, and you!

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